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liv adj : being four more than fifty [syn: fifty-four, 54]

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Hlíf "protection", today associated with the vocabulary word liv "life". In Norse mythology Lif is the woman who will survive Ragnarok.

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  1. A given name.

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Disambiguation: "Liv" is an alternative form of Livonian, a Finnic people of the Baltic coast of Latvia and their language.
Liv is singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor's second album, released in 1971. Its eleven tracks include ten of Taylor's own compositions, and one cover version of "On Broadway".

Track listing

  • "Get Out of Bed" (L. Taylor) — 2:49
  • "May I Stay Around" (L. Taylor) — 3:31
  • "Open up Your Eyes" (L. Taylor) — 2:52
  • "Gentleman" (L. Taylor) — 3:14
  • "Easy Prey" (L. Taylor) — 4:42
  • "Be That Way" (L. Taylor) — 3:06
  • "Truck Driving Man" (L. Taylor) — 3:18
  • "Mom, Dad" (L. Taylor) — 2:40
  • "On Broadway" (B. Mann, C. Weil, J. Leiber and M. Stoller) — 3:37
  • "Caroline" (L. Taylor) — 2:16
  • "I Just Can't Be Lonesome No More" (L. Taylor) — 2:46


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